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We need your help! There is a war in Ukraine

Dear friends!

Yesterday a barbarous act has happened towards our country as well as towards the whole civilized world — the Russian Federation has initiated a whole-scaled war against Ukraine!

Russian military attacked different parts of the country, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine is standing against it. They do protect Ukraine with hearts full of love to the Motherland. This outrageous war has to be stopped!

You’ve got much more influence than you can imagine. Require publicly your government to provide for the military and humanitarian aid and provide for the security in the air above Ukraine to shut down Russia’s jet and ballistic missiles or even aviation!

❗❗❗ We’re calling everyone to stand with Ukraine these days and join the upcoming rallies against the Russian invasion.

📍 here you can see the schedule of the rallies https://www.stopputin.net

Ukraine needs help of foreign governments in the form of intrusion of military contingent

Please, follow and share information about the real situation in Ukraine among your friends (https://kyivindependent.com; https://www.instagram.com/svidomi_eng), and of course, join the rallies against the Russian Federation in your city!

#StopRussianAggression #UkraineUnderAttack #StopRussia

❗❗❗ This is a photo of this morning. Burning district in Kyiv, civilians and children are being killed

MORE PICTUREShttps://bit.ly/3veDNES