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ТОМАТО Pasta party


Dear participants!

Welcome to the Pasta Party 20 and 21 April during SportExpoUA 2018.

The team of TOMATO chefs have developed an exclusive menu of five dishes of Italian pasta for the participants of Nova Poshta kyiv Half marathon.

During registration you can purchase a certificate for 60 UAH and exchange it at the exhibition for any one of the five pastas.

It is possible to buy official event products during the registration or in our Online Store

TOMATO is a pizza bar on wheels.The chefs cook authentic Italian dishes in the Neapolitan oven. Thanks to Italian flour, cheese and tomatoes, the TOMATO chef offers you to taste original pizza on thin crust or crispy Italian sandwich – panini cooked on firewood. Every dish on our menu is a fresh and healthy way to satisfy hunger.

1.Pasta with tuna

Perfect solution for fans of seafood. The taste of tuna is complemented by a cucumber, green basil, feta, parmesan cheese and tartar sauce based on cream and sour cream.

2. Vegetable pasta

For fans of vegetarian pasta, we have developed a pasta with grilled vegetables and mushrooms. The fresh taste of the pasta is achieved by adding tomatoes, celery, leek, alfalfa sprouts and tomato-cream sauce.

3. Four cheese pasta

This pasta will give you a mix of four original flavors of Italian cheeses: сaciocavallo, dorblu, parmesan and mozzarella with cream.

4. Pasta with roasted chicken.

Chicken is previously marinated in a ginger-orange sauce and then baked in the oven with wood from cherry sawdust. Juicy chicken is complemented by tomatoes, green basil, parmesan and pesto sauce.

5. Pasta with pork stewed in a wood-burning oven

The original taste of pork is achieved by original beer marinade, fresh thyme and rosemary, and stewing the pork for eight long hours in a wood-burning oven. Fresh green basil, feta and tartar sauce will make this pasta especially tasty.